10 Famous Photos of 2016 That Went Viral on Internet

chaye wala famous photo trending online

10 Famous Photos Trending Online and Viral on Internet for 2016

The year 2016 has indeed proved to be a year in which what happened on social media dominated discussions in the public arena and vice-versa. It also emerged as the year when social media activism reached its highest point so far with innocent animals being rescued because of the good Samaritans present in the web space. And while a lot of viral pictures and videos lead to useful consequences, there were many that made people laugh. If nothing, Twitterati kept themselves busy with caption contests. Believe it or not, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be tagged social media star of the year only because of the number of his pictures that went viral. Check out 26 pictures of 2016 that were massively shared on social media.

tiger Shroff famous photo that went viral on internet
On October 9, Shroff tweeted a picture of him wearing all black from tip to toe standing one-leg-up. the picture set Twitter on fire and the micro-blogging site was full of memes and edited photos of the actor.

obama and trump viral photos on internet
President Barack Obama meeting President-elect Donald Trump at the White House after his win was indeed one awkward moment. The famous hand-shake and their expressions were priceless.

modi's trending photos on internet that went viral
From G-20 summit, not only did PM Modi's picture with Obama went viral, this one took the Internet by storm as well.

india today viral photos on internet
Baba Ramdev had featured on the cover of English language magazine – in a version of the Prasarita Padottanasana, or wide-legged forward bend- and Twitterati couldn’t help but react to it in the funniest way possible.

top famous photos that went viral on internet
On November 7, a picture was clicked by Indian Express photojournalist Abhinav Saha, which has become symbolic of how polluted the Capital is. The picture, which shows toxic froth on the river Yamuna coming towards devotees who had gone to pray to the sun god as part of the Chhath festival, was clicked early in the morning at Okhla Barrage.

wrestler khali with narendra modi viral photo
Wrestler Khali met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 1 and tweeted a picture from the meeting in which the two can be seen greeting each other. The picture went viral on social media people have given their own captions to it.

modi funny viral photos on internet
This year Prime Minister Modi joined the ranks of prominent world leaders when his wax figures took up residence at Madame Tussauds branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. The reactions to the picture left people in splits.

modi funny viral photos on internet 1
The picture shows PM Modi walking behind President Barack Obama and whoever the photographer was, managed to get the right frame captured – that showing PM Modi beginning to say something to Obama with a pointed finger. Result? A hilarious photo clicked with perfect timing will end up being fodder for Twitter trolls

Zeev Farbman viral photo on internet trending online
Zeev Farbman, CEO and co-founder of photography app Lightricks, was caught sleeping in office by his employees, who decided to click their boss and take him — his peacefully sleeping photo, that is — for a series of fascinating adventures.

modi photos that went viral on internet
Prime Minister Modi posted a couple of pictures of himself on Twitter from his visit to Naya Raipur where he launched the Nandan Van Jungle Safari. Much like Modi’s other unusual pictures, these too subsequently went viral on the Internet and people on social media are had a ball giving them different captions.

Source: theindianexpress.com

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